The Purpose of Life

To me, the purpose of life is

1. to SPREAD LOVE ❤️

2. to live in the current moment

3. to preserve humanity and make it better (I don’t mean human revolution here. I am referring to becoming a better human)

This post is going to be a long one!

I believe in God. The most straightforward reason behind my belief is that no matter how much we think scientifically, there will be one question unanswered – Who Started all of this? I don’t think it all started automatically.

We don’t have to fight for materialistic things more than our needs (current needs and future needs). Materialistic things are meant to be tools that aid in living life and not the purpose. Materialistic things are neither useful to you before you are born nor valuable after you die.

What we truly are, is not our physical presence in this World, but it’s our consciousness that is inside us. I highly recommend watching a video of Swami Sarvapriyananda on consciousness. He has explained it through Mandukya Upanishad beautifully.

This theory makes our physical World an illusionary world (a.k.a waking World as per Swami Sarvapriyananda). In this illusionary World, everything is temporary. Now, do you think it’s wise to be stressed or worried about things happening in the illusionary World!

Here is what I think about our World. We are kind of on a train in the illusionary World – Life Express – we meet new people and face unique challenges in every compartment. But most of them are limited to that compartment only. At the same time, this is a running train, which means we are on a journey. And journies are supposed to be enjoyed.

Life Journey

Life Journey


In the current era, we are continuously evolving. Evolution is both good and bad. It solves problems we have been facing for a long time as a human species, yet, it also creates new problems. Sometimes, in the name of evolution, we are even hurting the mother Earth.

Even though evolution is making our lives better, the real reason we survived all these years is Humanity!

Can you imagine living in a world where humans exist, but Humanity doesn’t? In such a world, everyone would be self-obsessed, selfish, and every single act would be some form of trade.

  • You help a blind person to cross the road — Humanity.
  • You make new friends, relations, and connections — Humanity.
  • You help people in need — Humanity.
  • You care for trees, animals, and people around you — Humanity.
  • You forgive people for mistakes — Humanity.
  • You create a product that solves the problem without hurting Earth — Humanity.
  • You value others’ beliefs — Humanity.
  • You thank people for their efforts and time — Humanity.
  • You write open-source code — Humanity.
  • You don’t manipulate people for your personal benefits — Humanity.
  • You don’t differentiate people by race, caste, gender, wealth, and disabilities — Humanity.
  • You stand against injustice towards Humanity — Humanity.
  • ..And many more things that make us human.

Now that we know Humanity is so important to live life, isn’t this our responsibility to pass it on to future generations? Remember, preserving humanity starts with our own home!

Live in the Moment

Can you deny any of below truths?

  1. Past can’t be changed.
  2. Future can’t be seen.
  3. Every living being (not just humans) faces failures in their own life. Therefore failures and rejections are very normal and expected.
  4. Time keeps changing.

If we can’t deny these truths, then we have to understand that neither sulking in the past nor worrying about the future helps in living life. This leaves only one choice of enjoying the current moment to the fullest. The Rudest Book Ever is an excellent book on practical ideas around this topic. No need to seek others’ approval to be happy and live in the moment!

Spreading Love

Humanity mostly involves the actions we take. When those actions are done with Love, we start spreading Love.

E.g., There is a difference between saying ‘Thank you’ without feelings and with feelings. When we say it with Love in our heart, we connect to the person emotionally. Try it next time! If that makes you feel better, start involving your heart in things you do, and you’ll see excellent results.

When we start spreading Love, we indirectly also begin teaching others how to spread Love. Now, for a second close, your eyes, imagine a world where everyone’s heart is filled with Love and everyone is spreading Love around – Doesn’t it look like heaven on the Earth? Wouldn’t you want to be involved in creating paradise on the Earth?

If you’re a person who believes in data and seeking proof, I recommend reading the book ‘The Purpose of Life as Revealed by Near-Death Experiences from Around the World‘. It may change your perspective of looking at the World.

Spreading Love and Preserving Humanity is how we can make a long term impact on the universe.