Sumit Pore

PHP & Distributed Systems Enthusiast | WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin/Theme Developer | API Developer

Detail-oriented software engineer with extensive experience in developing sites using Laravel, WordPress and WooCommerce to solve business problems.

Worked on ES6, VueJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & TailwindCSS. Demonstrated knowledge of MVC Architecture, SOLID principles, Clean Code Principles, and Design Patterns.


Technical Leader

WisdmLabs (March 2018 - January 2020)
  • Lead a team of 5 engineers working from different locations.
  • Built Epitrove — a plugins and themes aggregator platform using WordPress, WooCommerce and Lumen.
  • Coordinated with design, marketing and content team for various areas of projects.
  • Implemented ‘General Data Protection Regulation’(GDPR) compliance in products.
  • Applied Clean Code & SOLID Principles to write modular and maintainable code.
  • Conducted session in company on writing simpler code and refactoring existing code.
  • Interviewed & hired candidates applying for Software Engineer’s position.

Subject Matter Expert — eCommerce

WisdmLabs (August 2015 - February 2018)
  • Lead product development of below ECommerce Products
    1. Product Enquiry Pro
    2. Custom Product Boxes
    3. Scheduler for WooCommerce
    4. Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce
  • Introduced various features in products which doubled the team’s revenue.
  • Launched the process ‘Quality Code Only’ — When developer tries to push the code, it is run through multiple static analyzers. Git server accepts the code only when it is approved by Static analyzers.
  • Implemented the process of auto-deploying code from git to staging site using Jenkins.
  • Managed technical aspects of newly opened branch in Pune, India. The new branch with all new employees were trained to handle client projects in 3 months.
  • Designed and developed eCommerce workflows for various websites for optimal conversion rate.
  • Integrated Payment Gateways in company’s billing software which was based on CodeIgniter.

Senior Software Engineer

WisdmLabs (May 2013 - July 2015)
  • Developed and delivered various secure WordPress/WooCommerce plugins and themes for client projects.
  • Provided valuable suggestions to clients which helped them go live fast, improve experience for their target audience & increase revenue.
  • Translate Business needs Into technical requirements and give estimations for the same.
  • Mentored and trained new joinees to improve skills & learn new technologies.
  • Optimized many sites to improve the page speed including Reduced page load time of WisdmLabs site from 4 seconds to 2 seconds i.e. 2x improvement in the page speed.
  • Deployed sites on AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platforms.
  • Investigated Root Causes behind malware compromised sites and fixed them.
  • Setup Jenkins Continuous Integration software to automate the process of code deployment.


PHP Development

Have worked on many php based projects. Also have experience of transforming php5 projects to php7 projects.

WordPress Plugin/Theme Development

Created many WordPress plugins and themes to fulfill the business requirements of clients. Built various premium WooCommerce plugins which are sold on WisdmLabs website.

REST API Development

Have experience of creating REST APIs for projects using Lumen Microframework. Lumen is a lightweight version of Laravel framework.

JavaScript Development

Experience of working on ES6, NodeJS, Webpack, babel and jQuery. Currently learning VueJS.

Responsive Web Development

Using HTML5, Sass, PostCSS and CSS3, I can create responsive web pages which look beautiful on all devices. Worked on BootStrap and Tailwind framework.

Cloud Technology

Used multiple services of AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean providers to improve the performance and experience of websites.

Apache/Nginx Configuration

Setup many websites using Apache and Nginx web servers. I also have experience of confguring fastCGI cache and Google PageSpeed with Nginx.

Vulnerability Assesment

Gone through compromised websites to figure out root cause of the issues and fixed them. Took required security measures on client websites to prevent them from getting hacked.

Ongoing Personal Project

MVC Framework for WordPress Plugins

  • WordPress being Event driven system, it is difficult to follow the MVC Design Pattern while creating a WordPress Plugin.
  • Existing boilerplates/frameworks available in the community do not separate out Model, View & Controllers concerns clearly. Thus developers (atleast who are new to development) using those boilerplates end up creating a lot of God Classes. This project is one step towards reducing God classes. It separates out those model, view, & controller concerns.
  • This project aims to help plugin developers achieve MVC pattern in their coding.
  • Developers also get a separate routes file to define routes required in their project. This let them decide when to load a particular controller/model.
  • Link to the project: ​
  • Code Review Report By Indorse:

Latest Challenging Projects

Epitrove - Marketplace for WordPress Products

  • As a customer, it is difficult to find the best WordPress product in a specific segment. It takes lot of time to figure out the right product for the requirements.
  • As a product owner, it is challenging to market the product to right people and increase sales.
  • Epitrove tries to solve the problem of above mentioned users. It brings the best product available in particular segment and customer searching for the product on the same platform.
  • Many vendors are preferring Epitrove to host their product due to features like auto-integration of licensing, simple-to-understand product upload process, better commission than other marketplaces, hassle free withdrawal process, easy to understand reports, recurring subscription & complete marketing support.
  • The website has been designed as per modern customer’s mindset. They are shown information which is relevant to take buying decision & the overall workflow has been designed to complete the purchase as smoothly as possible.
  • Important sections of the website are API driven (built using Lumen) and loosely coupled, so that we can use them as microservices in future.

Multipurpose WordPress - WooCommerce Theme

  • Built a theme which has opinionated UX, ability to change style guide, a control on visual appearance of almost every component/element and support for multiple Shop as well as Single product layouts to cater different eCommerce business.
  • Implemented Multiple Address Book in the theme which no other theme has.
  • Introduced inline error messages and showed them right below the fields for all WordPress and WooCommerce forms. By default, WordPress and WooCommerce clubs all form submission related error messages and show them at once place. Again, no other theme has this feature.
  • Made it developer friendly by integrating Theme Hook Alliance, Hooks in JavaScript, Easy to follow directory structure etc.
  • This theme is yet to make live.

Old Projects I am proud Of

Saas Based PDF Autofill

  • This project had two parts viz REST API part and client (plugin) part. Process involves 5 steps:
    1. Site owners install the client plugin on their site.
    2. Site visitors fill up the form created using Gravity Forms.
    3. Client plugin captures form data and sends that to SaaS server.
    4. On server side this data is added in Editable PDF Template and generates final PDF.
    5. Link of PDF is shared with user.
  • Architected API & Server Side part of the project. It included
    1. API authorization
    2. Controlling tasks using RabbitMQ
    3. Generating PDF and Saving it on Amazon S3
    4. Autoscaling aws instances
    5. Managing MySQL Master/Slave replication
    6. Sending Push Noticication to the client website

Rapid Application Development Framework

  • I was looking for a way to speed up development of WooCommerce based projects. During that search, I found 'Piklist' framework which had few things I wanted.
  • I forked 'Piklist' framework and added Compatibility for WooCommerce which helped us drastically reduce development time for following tasks while developing products
    1. Creating and using new Product Type
    2. New Tab/Panel on Product Edit Page
    3. Create and use fields on WC Settings Page and Product Edit Page
    4. Add/Remove Column on Products Listing Page
    5. Add/Remove Bulk Action on Products Listing Page
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